Claudette Silver has spent her life in cultural and political movements. Like Emma Goldman, she knows there is no revolution without dancing, and she is just the right person to organize both.Gloria Steinem, author & feminist icon

Claudette Silver is creative, clever, and energetic--on top of being friendly, enthusiastic, and a delight to work with. Claudette has been unstoppable in thinking up and pursuing publicity ideas, but even more than that, she’s a fantastic creative resource, someone I turn to again and again for help translating my ideas into words with the widest possible reach.Ian Haney López, author & constitutional law scholar

Claudette Silver's talent is noteworthy. She exceeds expectations because this gift as well as her hard work, natural intuition and interest in others carry her efforts to a high level. These qualities have made her an impressive person to associate one’s creative work with. - Pandit Rajeev Taranath, Internationally acclaimed sarod maestro

Claudette is a consummate community connector who was instrumental in defeating an anti-affirmative action initiative on the ballot in Colorado in 2008 election by spearheading more 50 events featuring the iconic feminist Gloria Steinem. The events were strategically marketed and attracted thousands of women from throughout the Denver-metro region, generating enthusiasm, cultivating volunteers for local nonprofits and mobilizing voters to the polls.Rachel Chaparro, MPA, political organizer in Colorado

Claudette is a one stop shop for political genius. She combines a vast network of resources, organizational brilliance, down home smarts and the ability to work collaboratively with everyone from rural Native activists trying to keep a school open to urban millennials. She organized three political tours for us and we won every state. -  Kristina Kiehl, Film Producer and Co-Founder Voters for Choice

Claudette Silver has a discerning, creative mind and insight. She used these qualities to enthusiastically delve into the world of Indian classical music for my client Pandit Rajeev Tarantath, emerging from her reflection with great ideas and the energy to accomplish so much. - Leslie Schneider, A Music Work Management

Working with Claudette while she was down in Florida was like being connected with an old friend. She and her team were  energetic, professional, responsive to the needs of her client and eager to learn about the cities and new people they were meeting. The entire project felt more like a labor of love than a campaign. If you are ever in a position to work with Claudette, you are bound to come away with a new friend.Mindi Fetterman, political organizer in Florida