Here are a few ways Silver Muse Productions can inspire your ideas into action. We tailor our work to the individual needs of each client and are happy to consult with you at any point in the adventure.

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Producing an event can be a great way to move your issue to the forefront. With a strong background in event management and a deep knowledge of concert production, we work with you to determine the best type of event for your goals and handle the logistics from start to finish. We’ll organize necessary permits, contracts and stage elements including sound, lights and video so you can focus on connecting with your supporters, allies and donors about your work.
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What do you need to say and to whom? This comprehensive strategy includes audience identification, along with key messages and talking points, crafted to reach those audiences. We can also develop a media plan to reach reporters, bloggers and other media outlets, along with a targeted media list for you to keep. We will train you to be your own best media advocate, and depending on your issue or project needs, we can also bring in and oversee a specialized publicist for pitching and soliciting media.
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To begin with, we examine the various aspects of your organizational identity. We talk with your team to assess internal capabilities and interview stakeholders to determine how you are seen from the outside. We also look at trends in your overall field, surveying the landscape to see where you fit in. From here, we will help you determine the goals for your campaign, along with the right time to launch a campaign. We will tailor the campaign to align with your goals and work plan, and help you design the budget to bring it to life.


Whether you need new website copy, fundraising materials or an Op-Ed piece, we can help with your writing needs. We take punctuation seriously and know that a thesaurus is our best friend.
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We know this work takes resources. We love putting together budgets and can help you maximize the resources you currently have and brainstorm ways to grow your funds. We'll help you develop your event, communications or campaign strategy in a way that is fiscally sound, smart and effective.
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Any issue you care about can be made better with pop culture on your side. Since the printing press was invented around 1440, mass culture has influenced our beliefs and actions. Think the revolution won’t be televised? Convinced it will? Reach out to us and let’s talk.